With the dynamic and ever-changing requirements in today’s job landscape, it pays to prepare for shifts in employment trends by getting a useful and versatile degree. The time when a college graduate would expect to work for several decades for the same employer are long over, so a useful degree is one that can have applications across the many fields and industries you may work in over your lifetime.

The liberal arts have long been touted to lead to a well-rounded education, but how applicable are they when employers want job applicants that have direct experience with at least a portion of their industry? This is where the ever-versatile business degree comes in. Here is why a business degree is so useful for new graduates or those who are going back to school to re-tool their careers.

Relevant Education and Experience

The education and experience gained by pursuing a degree in business is wide. Students will be exposed to the elements of sales, accounting, marketing, human resources, and management topics. All of these subjects are useful whether you think you may want to be an entrepreneur or employed by a corporation. UAB offers many online bachelors degree programs that will give you this education and experience.

An undergraduate business degree can make you eligible to pursue further education in a graduate program that will help advance your career even further. Graduate opportunities such as a degree in health care administration can give you a competitive advantage in the job market.

Management Advantages

Every successful enterprise applies business management principles to their operations no matter what the industry. Whatever line of work a management job is in, a business graduate can utilize education in organizational communication, critical thinking, and team building to spearhead and lead business objectives. This makes business management graduates especially appealing to employers who need to hire supervisors, project managers, and operations directors in a variety of fields.

Ways to Earn a Business Degree

There are many options to earn a business degree. If you are a working adult that wants to improve your career prospects, there are many online degree programs such as those at MVU Online. In addition to the traditional brick and mortar option, there are hybrid programs that combine the convenience of online study with some in-person seminars. When comparing schools, take into account their reputation, cost, fit with your lifestyle, and applicability to your area of business interest.

The Bottom Line

Business degree graduates have been trained to work with business methodologies, profit generation, and human resources management that are applicable across industries. Degree specializations such as production, accounting, and information technology each offer a graduate a wide variety of opportunities as well.

It may be surprising how you can leverage a business degree to suit a number of industries. So even though you have an absorbing interest in Medieval art history, it may be best for your future career to get a minor in that and major in business. By attaining a business degree, you may give yourself the best employment security possible.