Education in the United States is at a fascinating crossroad. It’s becoming increasingly common for people who have college degrees to not be able to get a job in their field of study once they graduate to the working world. This creates problems because there is a sea of qualified people, yet there aren’t enough jobs to fill the demand. For an individual to secure a job, and a well-paying one at that, they must go to university and obtain a master or a doctorate degree to even be in the running for a position.

Many even find that with their high-level degree, there is a difficulty finding work, as in addition to being qualified, or even overly qualified for a job, the people who are getting the jobs are the individuals who have connections with the ones doing the hiring, and this leaves millions around the country frustrated and dissatisfied.

Many individuals are left to question how a degree will actually help them in 2017. Well, here’s what it will do:

It Puts You in the Running

As frustrated as you might be that you have to go and obtain a doctorate to secure a job in the world in which you live, education is always going to be good for you as an individual. Without a degree, you won’t even be in the running, so it’s better to prepare yourself to play the game and to establish the needed skills to succeed than to not try at all. Sure, you might have to take some risks and put yourself in debt, but if you work hard and you figure out ways to play the game smarter instead of harder, it will prepare you for a life in the world. Reality is tough. A degree will prepare you for that reality and keep you playing the game.

It Keeps You Relevant

If you continue your education into 2017, and beyond, you’ll know for certain that the skillsets and knowledge you’re learning will keep you relevant in a quickly evolving world. You live in a world where people are getting sued and filing for settlements and being treated unfairly, and if you don’t educate yourself on how to come against the pressures the world places on you, especially in the realm of business and careers, you won’t survive. If you get a degree in 2017, at least you know that you’ll be playing in the game, but you’ll also be learning material that is relevant in today’s world.

It Keeps You Hungry For Change
Ignorance might be bliss, but if you ignore things happening in the world for too long, natural selection will ensure that you don’t survive. If you get a degree in 2017 and you’re able to see what’s wrong with the system and you don’t ignore the problems, you can be the one to facilitate the change needed in the world. If you do it for no other reason, get a degree because it keeps you hungry for change.