When it comes to choosing specific education and career paths, there’s an interesting intersection that you can move along if you’re trying to focus on healthy emotional goals in particular. Now, this could be because you’re moving toward healthy behaviors and away from bad ones you’ve had in the past, or it could be because you’re trying to promote healthy behaviors from inside the healthy bubble already.

Some examples of how this focus might come to fruition include working toward and MBA or CPA certification within the concepts of addiction recovery, teaching, project management, side hustles, or just the appropriation of creative skills.

Working Through Addiction Recovery

People who are struggling with addiction recovery often need a focus to help them move through their emotional and physical pain. By having a goal related to education and career development, like workmen through a CPA or MBA curriculum, this may be difficult enough and consistent enough to move their attention away from their personal struggles and focus that energy on learning business and management skills instead. There are even online CPA and MBA classes at low levels to help ease people into the idea.


And if you want to be a successful teacher, getting an MBA or CPA designation can be the ticket to making you more competitive, or getting you the ability to earn a higher salary. If something about teaching makes you feel healthy, or allows you to spread learning around in a healthy manner, that is where those ideas coincide most logically. Learning in order to teach is a beautiful life goal.

Project Management

The health of a business is often measured by how well a project is managed. By getting degrees in the necessary business arenas, learning to manage projects becomes second nature, and then you’ll move toward leadership roles in projects where business accountability is one of the basic priorities. Having a background that comes with certifiable knowledge can make all the difference in the world when it comes to completing projects on time and on budget.

The Side Hustle

In today’s world, having additional business or accounting education can also help with the side hustle. Outside of your primary job, there are ways to earn passive income by working different online systems specifically. By knowing how to contract yourself out and do side work, you can also bump up your income while also doing something that you’re qualified for, increasing your standard of living.

Creative Skills

Ultimately, obtaining skills contained in the ideas of MBA and CPA programs will allow you to unlock your creative business potential. And after you’ve worked your way through the programs and achieved that base set of knowledge, you’ll feel some of your anxiety melt away, allowing yourself some psychological freedom as well.