Sometimes the difference between success and failure in a business venture is going to be how far you’re willing to shift your perspective. Especially if you already have some sort of professional degree, you may think that your way is the right way. However, the truth is that if you’re willing to be flexible about what you’ve learned in the professional realm, such as through CPA or MBA training, then you drastically increase your chances for competitive advantages and benefits.

Consider perspective shifts like treating your audience like an animal, or blurring personal and professional lines, or following industry leaders, or even just using trends and speeding up feedback loops in unique ways. All of these shifts can be used positively.

Treating Your Audience Like Animals

An audience has a known psychology, just like any animal. So there’s an advertising and promotion shift that you can put yourself through where you treat your audience as though it’s a cat, specifically. Independent, suspicious, hard to please – if you’ve ever had a pet cat, you know the drill. By treating an business audience like this, you can really get to the core of your branded message on a theoretical level.

Blurring the Social and Professional Lines

Using social media for business was something that a lot of people were uncomfortable with for a long time, because they were used to lines delineating what was what in the business world. But today, those lines are almost completely gone. If you use your brand as a personal voice, and your voice as a personal brand, you’ll see immediate results in your bottom line.

Following the Leader

When going through the education system with respect to MBA and CPA fields,  one train of thought describes how to be competitive you have to continually be creative. However, if you shift your perspective and instead occasionally focus on just following the lead of industry standards in certain business settings, you’ll find that you don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel after all.

Using Trends Instead of Personal Perception

You may be tempted to use your professional pedigree to try to feel out business trends, but if instead, you choose to look at things from the perspective of pure numbers, you may find that different results will intrigue you. When you entirely discount your personal preference and look to raw analytics instead, you may be surprised.

Speeding Up Feedback Loops

One of the great functions of today’s super-speedy communication structures for business is that you can adjust something about your business, and start getting feedback within seconds. If you respond to that feedback quickly, you can drastically improve your brand – especially your digital presence – almost on an hourly basis.