Trusting someone with your finances is a big responsibility for someone to take on.  Making sure that someone is qualified to take on your money is something that you want to verify.  Since taking on an unqualified accountant could not only cost someone money but also their sanity trying to retrace their steps and clean their mess.

Therefore, if you are looking to become an accountant for someone’s personal needs or business, make sure that you look for the following 5 qualities in yourself.

Proper Education

It is ideal to make sure that you have received the proper training and education for accounting.   Therefore making sure that you have CPA or MBA credentials is in people’s best interest when looking for someone to perform financial services.

When a client can rest assured that their accountant had the proper training and has the right qualifications it is less of a stress for them that they may not have the preparation and background to get the job done.  In this case, education is a must.


An accountant that has a strong sense of organization is an important quality to look for.  When you are dealing with sensitive information like numbers and receipts and payments, knowing where everything is is essential.

Someone with natural organizational skills is the right person for the job.  Many potential clients will make sure that they take a look at the office of any potential candidates.  This way they can take a look around and get a feel for what kind of a space this person has.  If there are lots of open files everywhere and they seem a bit disheveled, this is a bad sign.

Attention To Detail

Someone who is very aware of their surroundings likely has a knack for catching errors quickly. An accountant who can quickly notice when something seems out of place or isn’t looking quite right is just the person that you would want to be handling your money.

When someone doesn’t have a knack for attention to detail then they risk being poor accountants.


It is important for an accountant to have patience since a lot of the processes that they do on a daily basis are very long and tedious.  A lot of your daily routine as an accountant will literally be punching numbers over and over.  

A patient person who has tolerance for long processes is the right person for this kind of work.  Someone who needs to be moving constantly and craves action is not the best personality for an accountant.

Communication Skills

You will need to be a good communicator with your clients and let them know what is happening in their accounts.  This is an essential trait when handling multiple accounts. People like to know what is happening with their money.