When it comes to the integrity of your business which you’ve worked hard to attain your MBA degree for, there is nothing more important than knowing that your information is safely protected.  When your private data is compromised you run the risk of not only your business and personal life being affected but those of your customers as well.

Therefore it is not only advised to take the proper precautions against information theft, but also your job as a business owner.  Here are some of the best tips for avoiding your business’s information being stolen.

Use Encryption Software

When handling sensitive information within emails or other forms of transferring data, it is advised to use encryption programs.

Encryption makes sending digital data much safer by implementing several measures of security in order to provide the best confidentiality possible between communication. Without encryption, anyone would be able to intercept messages and read them.

The best way to ensure that your messages and data are protected is to use encryption software and encrypted messaging.

Always Use Virus Protection

Without using a virus protection program you put your computer at risk for potentially malicious malware or viruses.  In the event that you are hit with a virus, you could potentially lose all of your sensitive information and never be able to retrieve it.

Therefore, choose an antivirus program that has the highest level of security and perform daily scans to make sure that you don’t have anything suspicious lurking in your systems.

Don’t Share Your Passwords

When you choose a password it is imperative to never share it with anyone else.  If you have a system which has multiple users, try to have a unique password for each user.  This way you can identify who was on the system at the time of anything going wrong.

When choosing a password it is ideal to make it something that is easy to remember but also isn’t easy to guess. For example, choosing your birthday and the name of your dog are probably pretty unwise options.

Also, it is important to make sure that you choose different passwords for all the various sites that you use.  Otherwise, you run the risk of everything being compromised if someone gets their hands on that password.

Use a Secure Network

Using a secured network means getting on a network which has password enabled access.  Open network connections are very unsafe and leave you open to people stealing your information through the unsecured network.
Choose a long password that is hard to guess or hack into.  Remember, never use an open connection in a cafe or anywhere else to access important information.  There are people out there that make a business out of cyber attacking through situations like these.