The government is supposed to use part of the money they take from your paychecks every pay period as a contribution to your social security fund. As you live in a country and poor your labor into the system, your reward is that you’re well looked after by the time you retire and you don’t have to worry about working any longer. However, the social security system is a bit of a mess and many think that by the time millennials hit retirement age, there won’t be any money left in the system to divvy out to the people who spent their lives paying into it.

Of course, this is debatable, and as new presidents step into office and policies change, maybe systems can be mended and younger generations won’t have to worry about how they’re going to support themselves when they’re 65 and older.

Thankfully, there are annuities and other means to get money, but in the end, however, it’s all in your hands. The government is around to facilitate help, but the more dependent you become on the handouts of the government, the less prepared you’ll be when times of trouble really strike.

If you want to make sure you have enough money to retire, here are 2 ways you can start preparing now:

Set Up A Fund Now

Yes, life is expensive, and maybe you’re living paycheck to paycheck as it is, but maybe you can evaluate your spending habits and see if there is any change anywhere within your budget that can be squeezed out and put into a fund for your future. If you set up a savings account with a bank that has a good interest rate, by the time you’re of retirement age, you could have a hefty amount of money saved up. Perhaps it’s not ideal that you have to put more of your own money away, but it’s a nice safeguard to have, especially if something unexpected comes up, you’ll have an account to draw from.

Pay Off Your Large Assets

If you spend your life spending money frivolously, you’ll likely regret it later on in life. People make a lot more money than they realize, and if you’re just a little more conscious about where you’re putting your dimes, you’ll realize that for your own life. If you want to have enough money to live off of, you’re going to want to start paying off your larger assets now.

Don’t buy new cars every year because you can. Stick to a car that works and pay it off, pay off your home as fast as you can. This stops you from paying too much interest on a loan, and it frees up your finances later in life so that you can spend money on things like food or traveling to destinations you’ve always dreamed of seeing in person.